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Women in 6G Community Events


The events that actually help you grow!

Watch this space to get information about all our events.


 We all have a story to share. As a member of our community, you can join our monthly networking sessions (held on the first Saturday of every month) to interact with other 6G enthusiasts, share your career story, and learn about others as well.

The next live networking session will be held on 01st June 2024.

Events hosted so far...

1. First Live Networking Session was held on 06th January 2024 .


2. Quiz on Framework and Objectives of development of IMT for 2030 and beyond systems - 27th Jan 2024.

3. Second Live Networking Session was held on 03rd February 2024 . 

4. Women in 6G Crossword Contest was held on 11th February 2024.

5. Offline Event- Delivered a talk on "Introduction to 6G technology" to 90+ female engineering students from Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India on 15th February 2024.

6. Wi6G Poetry Challenge - from 18th February 2024 to 24th February 2024.

7. Quiz on Telecom Standardization Organizations and Regulatory Bodies - 26th  February 2024

8. Third Live Networking Session was held on 02nd March 2024 . 

9. Quiz on 5G/6G Multiple Access Schemes and Numerology - 24th March 2024

10. Fourth Live Networking Session was held on 06th April 2024 .


11. Crossword Contest was held on 13th and 14th April 2024. 


12. Inaugural Session of the Women in 6G Speaker Series on "The role of AI/ML and ORAN in the 6G paradigm" by Suvidha Mhatre (RAN Engineer at Sateliot and PhD Researcher at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) on 27th April 2024.

13. Fifth Live Networking Session was held on 11th May 2024. We asked our members who have taken a career break and are rejoining the workforce to offer some insights and tips for those who are currently on a break.


A speaker session will be held on third Saturday of every alternate month

Our members can hear to what the speakers have to say about 6G enabling technologies.

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group of 20 women listening to a women s


We visit universities and inspire women to get into 6G related careers.

As of April 2024, we have inspired and educated 250+ students about 6G.

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Our members take part in a fun and creative contest on second Saturday of every month.

The contests will be related to 6G technology.

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A quiz will be held on the last Saturday of every month.

Quiz topics will be based on both 5G and 6G.

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