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Women in 6G

Women in 6G is a community started with the mission to close the gender gap and increase diversity in telecom field by providing inspiration, support and education to women who aspire to get into 6G related careers.

Membership Application to join our community is open,

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We strongly believe that great things happen when great people come together.  Join our community to connect and network with other women in 6G, learn from leading women & men in 6G related careers through our live events, find new opportunities, grow together and have fun. 

Why join our community?

to make new connections and friends

connect with other women in 6G from industry and academia to reach all your professional goals, or just to make new friends :)

to access exclusive experiences

get access to attend 50+ networking sessions, speaker series, live courses, and many more events per year.

to join micro-communities and clubs

join online communities and clubs ranging from research club, industry club, quiz club, upskilling club and many more.

to win rewards and goodies

attend member-only events, share your experiences, showcase your skills to win rewards and goodies.

Some numbers that matter 



Love and Trust


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We proudly present the "100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in 6G" List for 2024.

Dive into our '100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in 6G™' list– a celebration of 100 extraordinary minds shaping the future of 6G technology.

Join us in recognizing and celebrating these exceptional minds, as we unfold a narrative of progress that inspires and empowers. They are not just breaking barriers; they are rewriting the code of possibilities.


Explore the list, witness the power of diversity, get inspired and be part of the journey towards a more inclusive and visionary 6G landscape.

community members come from


Empowering women to get into 6G related roles isn't just about gender equality anymore; it's about amplifying the bandwidth of innovation. There is a necessity to tune into diverse frequencies and amplify all the voices for a brighter, inclusive wireless future.

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